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About Us

MoneyLetter Friends comes to you from the publishers of the nationally-recognized MoneyLetter financial newsletter.

MoneyLetter is one of the most respected financial newsletters for mutual fund & exchange-traded fund (ETF) investors.  For over 40 years, MoneyLetter provides timely information to help you make smarter investment decisions. 

“Excellent. After trying them all, I’ve settled on one – your MoneyLetter is excellent. You don’t play both sides of the fence. You state your positions. The format is clear, simple, and direct.”

L.K. Mineral City, OH

“Tapping into MoneyLetter’s research is like having your own personal pipeline into a fund manager’s office!”

Frank C. Capiello-Rushmore Funds

“I’m a big fan of your newsletter, and you probably don’t receive enough thank you’s. I’ve learned a lot about investing over the past couple of years from subscribing, and I’ve picked some very good funds from your Venturesome model … To sum it all up, I’ve gone from poor post-2008 returns to making more money in my investments last year than salary (that is HUGE). Thanks again for what you’re doing. It’s really helping amateur investors like me.”

B.R. Lexington, KY
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